Fabricushion is Canada's premiere manufacturer of rubber carpet cushion. We manage our operations and products with a strong commitment to the environment while maintaining superior quality. We utilize recycled tire crumb and ensure our cushion backing is from managed forests.

Our ComfortMAXX line is made for residential and light commercial use. Our environmentally friendly and affordable green Eco-Cushion and Cush-N-Tred lines contain recycled tire crumb and are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Both collections feature the high density that superior installations require and discerning consumers and commercial clients demand.

Carpet cushion determines how your carpet feels underfoot. Our carpet cushions are designed to absorb the pounding of foot traffic. Our products make your carpet feel better and last longer. A great way to protect your flooring investment.

Inexpensive carpets need quality carpet cushion.
Expensive carpets deserve it.

Modern carpets rarely wear out. Putting a quality cushion under new carpet will help resist the matting and crushing carpets are prone to and help maintain their original appearance over time. Our carpet cushion also improves airflow between the floor and the carpet for more efficient vacuuming.


  • Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label approved for indoor air quality
  • Contributes to LEED® points
  • Ultra-Fresh® mold and mildew treatment
  • Baking soda for additional odor control
  • Non-allergenic
  • Can be installed above or below grade and over radiant heated floors

Eco-Cushion, ComfortMAXX and Cushion-N-Tred offer a wide selection to meet your personal cushion preference. Luxurious cushions for your living room or master bedroom and firmer cushions for under berbers or in a family room.

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Our "Eco" line of carpet cushion in an affordable green carpet cushion choice which provides the true luxury and comfort that a quality cushion provides. Each "Eco" cushion contains recycled auto tires which can extend the life of your carpet. We contribute to LEEDŽ green building credits for recycled content, regional materials and low-emitting materials - all great benefits to any building project.

The Carpet and Rug Institute has given our "Eco" line their Green Label approval for indoor air quality. High density construction provides superior carpet performance and comfort underfoot.

Our superior performance backing provides strength, durability and a quality installation. Enhance the luxury and performance of your carpet with our "Eco" carpet cushion line - the affordable green friendly choice.


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Fabricushion's Cush-N-Tred line of carpet cushion is also extra environmentally friendly! Cush-N-Tred is manufactured with the added benefits of recycled tire crumb and is an affordable green choice. With its superior densities and attributes, the correct Cush-N-Tred cushion can handle a range of traffic levels, perform over radiant heated floor, above and below grade, and some are approved for use in double glue installations.


»  Cush-N-Tred Bronze
»  Cush-N-Tred Silver
»  Cush-N-Tred Gold
»  Cush-N-Tred Platinum
»  LEED details

ComfortMAXX rubber carpet cushions are manufactured from virgin raw materials only. Each roll is treated with an anti-microbial for freshness, and is formulated with a flame retardant. Products are CMHC approved.


»  ComfortMAXX Bronze
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